WO 2015/163785 A1

vintProtohumix, humic acid
vintfulvic acid, fulvix

WO 2015/163785 A1



world novelty and high scientific and technical engineering level

no analogies from the current world technical solutions

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Method for comprehensively processing brown coal and leonardite into humic fertilizers and preparations and into fuel briquettes, and mechanochemical reactor for processing highly-viscous


a) Products for soil enhancement or for artificial soil generation:
• ballast organic fertilizers (suspension gels);
• ballast organic mineral fertilizer (suspension gels);
b) products for pre-planting stimulation of seeds and roots feeding, including for hydroponics technology:
• humic biologically active products (ballast-free liquid compositions of humic acids of different concentrations, with different size minimum solid fraction sediment);
• humic biologically active products (ballast-free dry humic acid salts);
c) products for pre-planting stimulation of seeds and top dressing, including for hydroponics technology:
• fulvic acid – biologically highly active products (ballast-free liquids of different concentrations and different size minimum solid fraction sediment);
• biologically active products (ballast-free dry fulvic acid salts – fulvates);
d) production of fuel briquettes (of waste from ballast-free products manufacturing).

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Based on a new technological invention we offering to the market the highest quality natural organic powerful bio-stimulator, branded “PROTO-HUMIX”. The use of this bio-stimulator means that you enter in the agricultural business newest patent-pending technology for the processing of natural fertilizers, science-based and introduce advanced, modern experience of growing bio-products. “PROTO-HUMIX” is one of the most competitively-capable, given the very high content of bioactive substances in it. Agricultural technology experts know: HUMATES - one of the most important factors of soil fertility. Moreover, HUMUS - one of the foundations of life. In nature, Humus renewed due to the activity of soil microorganisms.

How long does it take to form humus?
It takes at least 6-12 months to form a humus-like substance as compost, but in nature it takes much longer to form a humus layer. A humus layer can be 40 million years old. A rule of thumb about the quality: the older the better.
Highest number of bio-stimulator, which we are offer, are possible through the use of environmentally friendly, the oldest material – brown coal and leonardite, huge reserves of which are formed by nature millions of years!

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vintfulvic acid, fulvix
vintFulvic acid crystalized 200
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vintHPLC MS Protofulvix (Fulvic acid)
vintFTIR Protofulvix (Fulvic acid)
vintFTIR Protofulvix (Fulvic acid)
vintProtofulvix Filvic Acid



FA is one of the most significant discoveries in the history of mankind in the field of medicine and health products. Almost every illness of plant, animal and human in one way or another connected with the lack of FA.

Fulvic acid is rapidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many outstanding health and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. Scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid, and are starting to recognize its extraordinary potential, Interest in the medical
community has been escalating rapidly. We have no doubt that this will increase dramatically as our ongoing findings are released to the world.

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