How are Fulvic and Humic acid created?
Fulvic and Humic Acid arise from humus. Humus is the top layer of the soil. It’s very fertile. It looks like compost, but is further digested than compost. It consists of organic digested plant and animal materials. As plant material degrades into compost, humus substances are created. From Humus two substances can be extracted:
– Humic acid
– Fulvic acid
“PROTOHUMIX” makes a positive effect on the soil and the plants themselves, including their immune system.

In the part of the soil the “PROTO- HUMIX”:

– Increase the moisture content and moisture retention in terms of periods of aridity;
– Increase the permeability of heavy soils (nitrogen absorbed by soil bacteria);
– Enhance the mobility of soil phosphorus;
– Linked products of man-made pollution, taking them out of the chain of biological turnover (pesticides, heavy metals, radionuclides, mercury and others);
– Ensure environmental cleanliness of agricultural products.

In the parts of plants the “PROTO- HUMIX”:

– Strengthen the root system;
– Increase and accelerate the germination and vigor of germination;
– Increases the supply of nutrients to the centers of plant metabolism, which leads to activation of their growth through greater efficiency by plants of nutrients and trace elements, which in turn provides lower costs of fertilizers and pesticides by 20 – 30% (!);
– Shorten the growing season and promote the maturation;
– Increase the number of buds, fruits and their individual weight, which generally increase the yield by 20-40% and reduces the time of ripening for 10-12 days;
– Prevent excessive accumulation of nitrates;
– Protect plants from pathogens of many diseases;
– Protect plants from drought, frost and from waterlogged;
– Protect plants from stress when treated with pesticides.
Stages of application of our product in plant:
– Before tillage cultivation;
– Pre-sowing treatment of seeds, seedlings, cuttings;
– Foliar feeding during the growing season;
– Root feeding during the growing season;
– Humification of fertilizers.
In addition, “PROTO- HUMIX” is used for reclamation and remediation of agricultural lands.


– The use of “PROTO- HUMIX” provides environmental rehabilitation and detoxification of contaminated land due to the phenomenon of chelation – binding in the soil radionuclides, toxic substances and heavy metals into insoluble and not assimilated by plants compounds;
– “PROTO- HUMIX” is made by the soil, has a positive effect on its chemical composition and physical structure;
– Through the use of “PROTO- HUMIX” are created artificial soil, where necessary and appropriate.

“PROTO-HUMIX” is also effectively used in:

– Livestock;
– Poultry;
– Fish growing.

Hyperfine cleaning:

Ultrafine cleaning formulation allows “PROTO- HUMIX” using in drip irrigation systems without any risk for the filter elements and nozzles.
Due to the hyperfine cleaning, “PROTO- HUMIX” possible to use even for hydroponics.

High economic efficiency:

Enabling “PROTO- HUMIX” in to the plant protection scheme is economically justified by the increase in yields up to 50% (for different crops), as well as a significant improvement in product quality.
Ecological purity:
For the production of “PROTO- HUMIX” all raw materials used only from ecologically clean sources.
Individual approach:
The company’s specialists provide advice on any matters relating to the use of “PROTO- HUMIX”, including individual receipts.


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