a) Products for soil enhancement or for artificial soil generation:
• ballast organic fertilizers (suspension gels);
• ballast organic mineral fertilizer (suspension gels);
b) products for pre-planting stimulation of seeds and roots feeding, including for hydroponics technology:
• humic biologically active products (ballast-free liquid compositions of humic acids of different concentrations, with different size minimum solid fraction sediment);
• humic biologically active products (ballast-free dry humic acid salts);
c) products for pre-planting stimulation of seeds and top dressing, including for hydroponics technology:
• fulvic acid – biologically highly active products (ballast-free liquids of different concentrations and different size minimum solid fraction sediment);
• biologically active products (ballast-free dry fulvic acid salts – fulvates);
d) production of fuel briquettes (of waste from ballast-free products manufacturing).

A method for comprehensively processing coal-type caustobiolites, predominantly brown coal and leonardite, into humic organic and organomineral fertilizers and into preparations producing fuel briquettes, including carrying out main processes in a continuous flow; carrying out leaching processes based on aqueous solutions with hydromodules of close to 2, carrying out acidification processes with the formation of humic acid released from a liquid phase into a heavy phase of a coagulated pulp, carrying out mechanical phase separation processes in a centrifugal field, carrying out liquid-phase mechanoactivation and the dispersion of reaction compositions via grinding, using residual “water” in recycling, and including the production of water-soluble humic acids and fuel briquettes and allowing for the production of a wide range of products; preliminarily grinding raw materials to a 03 mm class, and cleaning and electro­ns chemically softening water in preparing reaction aqueous solutions; using a liquid-phase raw material oxidation process, and using liquid-phase mechanoactivation and/or mechanochemical activation, with the dispersion of reaction composi­tions by means of grinding and by means of dynamically shifting layers having statistical shift rate components, of a me­dium to be processed, which range from single-digit meters per second to tens of meters per second; accompanying said mechanoactivation with the dosed input into said medium of 1040 MJ of mechanical energy per cubic meter, with the stabilization of said dosing regardless of the drift of all other parameters in said medium to be processed; wherein, said grinding and shifting processes are formed by means of statistical and dynamic characteristics; in this way, a dynamic hydro-pulse effect on a medium to be processed is carried out within a range of frequencies floating between infrasound and frequencies bordering on ultrasound, wherein the processing is carried out beginning with higher frequencies; in ad­dition, providing for automatically maintaining maximum parameters for inputting mechanical energy into the medium to be processed, while automatically restricting same within a sub-cavitation zone in order to prevent the transition of the mechanochemical reactors into cavitation modes.

plant scheme 2
technological scheme